About operator

I’m MASA,living in Tokyo.

I began studying English from 2016.

The first purpose was a fluffy motive of wanting to engage in overseas work, but as English can gradually speak, the essence of English learning is not to be able to speak English, but to use English I became able to talk with people all over the world, and I realized that it would be possible to know various values and perspectives of people all over the world.

I can not speak English at all, I decide the topic with Serbian and Philippine teachers everyday in English conversation.

As I became friends, I used a slang of English pretty well, so there was a time when I could not keep up with the conversation, but it was a daily conversation of a person who can speak English well, so I thought about learning the slang properly.

I think that I would like to send various messages to foreigners who want to learn Japanese slang like this through this website.