For Hawaiian men! How to talk to Japanese women in Hawaii

Hawaii is the most popular tourist destination for Japanese people.
A lot of Japanese go to Hawaii every year.

By the way, if you find a beautiful Japanese in Hawaii, are you talking to them?

I think that some foreign men want to make Japanese women ‘s friends.
However, there are many people who do not know how to talk to them.

In fact, love between foreign men and Japanese women is increasing year by year.
There are not many Japanese women who are seeking encounters Hawaii men in Hawaii.

In this article, I will introduce how to speak to Hawaii to foreigners who want to make Japanese women ‘s friends.

What is the purpose of going to Hawaii?

Hawaii is a paradise for many Japanese.
The temperate climate and the beautiful ocean are healing for the Japanese.

Japanese people visit Hawaii for spending elegant time.
The purpose of the trip varies, such as healing work tiredness, making fun memories, rewarding yourself who worked hard.

But there are things in common.
That is that most people feel that they are open-minded and want to experience things they can not experience in Japan.
The sea and climate of Hawaii will give it to the Japanese.

What sights are popular among Japanese people?

So where can you meet Japanese wonmen in Hawaii?
Here are some of the popular tourist attractions for Japanese people.

· Waikiki Beach
· Ala Moana Shopping Center
· Diamond Head
· Hilton · Hawaiian Village fireworks
· Kailua Beach
· KCC Farmer’s Market
· Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

It are pretty famous places.
In Japan website introducing Hawaii, they usually recommend the above mentioned spots.
So, I think that Japanese travelers tend to visit the spots above.
Let’s start with the above sightseeing spots and increase the probability of meeting Japanese people.

What kind of Japanese woman are going on a trip?

What image do you have for Japanese women?
Perhaps there are many foreigners who have the image below.
·Good cooking
·Use money for clothes

However, as I mentioned in another article, there are Japanese women of various personality.
Here I would like to focus on the characteristics of Japanese women who are likely to reply to foreigners and respond.

First of all, Japanese women who are likely to reply are the following 3 types.

▼Neat fashionable women worker
· Working at a famous company, income is not low
· Clothes to buy is expensive
· To eat at a popular restaurant
· Ask for male high status
· Celebrity life is ideal

▼Women who like a party with an active personality
· Women working in hairdressers and clothing stores
· Everyone gathers happily and likes to drink alcohol
· they often laugh and loud.
· they have many friends and cherish the connection with people
· they always want something fun

▼Quiet and gentle
· quiet and shy character
· Although they don’t speak a lot,they hear the story of the other firmly
· Not positive
· they are saving and considering the future life
· There are not many friends, but cherish their friends

The Japanese are often said to be shy, but the above 3 types are more active in character.
Since there are features also in appearance, let’s trust your own intuition.

What is the romantic tendency of Japanese women?

Although I also introduce it in another article here, the above two types of romance tendencies have the following impression.

▼Neat fashionable women workder
· want to go out with a man who has high status
· Tell her how to enjoy she does not know
· attracted to men who are smart, good at their work, a hopeful person
· like men who do lady first
· Preference for men with ambition

▼Women who like a party with an active personality
· Like men who can laugh together
· do not mind men’s occupation much
· importance to looks
· do not like being kindly too much
· want to be friendly relations

▼Quiet and gentle
· like men who are calm
· not good at noisy men
· prefer men who are reliable to lead
· Prefer not to luxury men who are thinking about the future
· like men who are likely to become good fathers

It is difficult to summarize all the female romantic trends above, but I think that it covers to some extent.
I’d also like to ask which type is popular from foreign men.

How to talk to Japanese women?

Let me explain how to speak to a Japanese woman, which is the main theme.

▼ Communication flow
· bright and refreshingly say “Aloha”
· most of Japanese are supposed to reply “Aloha”
· say “私は日本語を勉強しています (watashi ha nihongo wo benkyou shiteimasu), it means” I ‘ve been learning Japanese “and give a sense of security to Japanese who can not speak English
· next, you say “ハワイを楽しいですか? (Hawai ha tanoshii desuka?), It means” are you enjoying Hawaii? ”
· Next, you say “インスタ映えする写真は撮れましたか? (Insutabae suru shashin ha toremashitaka?), I hear” it you “did you take a photo for instagram?”
· In case of “Yes”, you say “見せて欲しいです(misete hoshiidesu), it means” Can I see it? ”
· In case of “No”, you say “すぐそこにインスタ映えする場所がありますよ(sugusokoni insutabae suru basho ga arimasuyo)”, it means “I know the near place which is perfect for instagram”
· If “Yes”, you say the phrase of “No”
· Next, you say “もしよろしければ道案内しましょうか?” (Moshi yoroshikereba michiannai shimashouka?), It means “I wanna take you there”
· On the way to the place, you tell her “私はLINEを使っています((watashi ha rain wo tsukatteimasu),it means you are using LINE”
· Next, you say “日本語の勉強のために日本の友達を作りたいです(nihon no tomodachi wo tsukuritai desu), it means “I wanna make Japanese friends ”
· Then, you say “私の友達になってくれませんか?” (Watashi no tomodachi ni nattekuremasenka?), it means “I wanna be your your friend”
· After that, keep in touch with each other at an appropriate frequency


· Understand the characteristics and romantic trends of Japanese women
· Firstly speak with “Aloha” which is most easy to reply
· Tell people that you can speak Japanese a little, give a sense of security
· Talking about popular Japanese words and printing conversation (Instructions etc)
· Listen to the contact information of the application most commonly used by Japanese “LINE”































・「私は少し日本語を勉強中です(watashi ha nihongo wo benkyou chuu desu),it means “I’v been learning Japanese”」と伝え、英語ができない日本人に安心感を与える
・次に「ハワイは楽しいですか?(hawai ha tanoshii desuka?),it means “are you enjoying Hawaii?”と伝え会話を始める
・次に「インスタ映えする写真はとれましたが?(insutabae suru shashin ha toremashitaka?),it means “did you take a photo for instagram?”と聞く
・”Yes”の場合は、「見せてほしいです(misete hoshiidesu),it means “Can I see it?”」と聞く
・”No”の場合は、「すぐそこにインスタ映する場所がありますよ(sugusokoni insutabae suru basho ga arimasuyo)」,it means “I know the near place which is perfect for instagram”と伝える
・次に、「もしよろしければ道案内しましょうか?(moshi yoroshikereba michiannai shimashouka?),it means “I wanna take you there”」と伝える
・場所に向かう途中に「私はLINEを使っています(watashi ha rain wo tsukatteimasu)と伝える
・次に、「日本語の勉強のために日本の友達を作りたいです(nihon no tomodachi wo tsukuritai desu),it means “I wanna make Japanese friends”」と伝える
・次に、「もしよろしければ私の友達になってくれませんか?(watashi no tomodachi ni nattekuremasenka?),ti means “I wanna be your friend”」と伝える





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