For foreign men who want to get along with Japanese women! How to talk to Japanese women!

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This article is summarized how to talk to Japanese women in Japan.

The contents of the article are described in the following topics.
· Classification of characteristics of Japanese women
· Romance trend each classification
· How to talk to Japanese women in Japan

Romance between foreign men and Japanese women are increasing

Recently in Japan, romance and marriage of foreign men and Japanese women are increasing.
The way to meet Japanese women has been diversifying,they meet Japanese woman while traveling to Japan or via internet.

Foreigners have the following images for Japanese women.
・Good cooking
・Use money for clothes

However, in fact there are Japanese women with various character.
In this article I will show you how to contact a each character of Japanese woman.

Since it is the content summarized based on information from my acquaintance of women, I think that you can understand as reference information.

Classification and characteristics of personality of Japanese women

First of all, I will introduce the character of a characteristic Japanese woman.
Japanese women are classified into 4 personalities if they are broadly divided.

Neat fashionable women worker
· Working at a famous company, income is not low
· Clothes to buy is expensive
· To eat at a popular restaurant
· Ask for male high status
· Celebrity life is ideal

Women who like a party with an active personality
· Women working in hairdressers and clothing stores
· Everyone gathers happily and likes to drink alcohol
· they often laugh and loud.
· they have many friends and cherish the connection with people
· they always want something fun

Quiet and gentle
· quiet and shy character
· Although they don’t speak a lot,they hear the story of the other firmly
· Not positive
· they are saving and considering the future life
· There are not many friends, but cherish their friends

Anime / manga favorite geek
· like talking about my hobbies
·They want to connect with each other who have same hobby
· Reluctant to interpersonal relationship
· But actively participate in hobby related events
· Frequently use the internet

Romantic thought by each character

So what type of Japanese women would like to do romance?
I will describe each feature briefly.

Neat fashionable women worker
· I want to go out with a man whose status is to be with you
· Tell me how to enjoy a notch I do not know
· I am attracted to men who are smart, able to work, feel the future
· I like men who do lady first
· Preference for men with ambition

Women who like a party with an active personality
· Like men who can laugh together or make noise
· I do not mind occupation much
· Importance to looks
· Dislikes being kindly done
· I want to be friendly relations

Quiet and gentle
· I like men who are calm and have a good time to spend their time without impossibility
· I am not good at rough and noisy men
· I prefer men who are reliable to lead
· Prefer not to luxury men who are thinking about the future
· I like men who are likely to become good fathers

Anime / manga favorite geek
· like men who have the same hobbies
· they want to talk about anima and manga
· they want to discover new works together
· they are not good at communication with others
· they are not good at fashionable and active men

How to contact each person for the first time?

Even the same Japanese woman is different in character and type of male likes.
So, I think that it is often ignored unless you speak with appropriate communication.
Moreover, the reaction is totally different depending on whether you talk to Japan or overseas.

This time I will introduce how to talk to Japanese women in Japan for travelers and migrants to Japan.

First of all, the woman who talks to and reacts highly is a type of 「Neat fashionable women worker」「Women who like a party with an active personality」.

Friendly and gentle 「Quiet and gentle」「Anime / manga favorite geek」 are highly likely to be scared and ignored.
To acquire these two types of women, it is better for you to know through the Internet bulletin board.

So, I will show you how to speak to 「Neat fashionable women worker」「Women who like a party with an active personality」.
Since it is information from a woman of an acquaintance to the last, I ask you for reference!

Communication flow

· Appearance is important
· Better wearing a jacket
· Say 「すみません(sumimasen)」 means “excuse me” brightly and freshly
· Then say “道を教えて欲しいのですが(michi wo oshiete hosiino desuga” means “I want you to tell me the way”
· Display map on smartphone
· Ask for the location of a famous Sushi restaurant
· Teach us directions
· you can make them laugh with using Japanese youth words while you are teaching directions
· Pretend you do not understand the way (It is difficult to actually learn the way)
· Ask if you can take me to the Shushi restaurant
· If OK, head to the Sushi restaurant together
· If No, give up and talk to other women
· Listen to their favorite sushi while heading to the store
· Sometimes youI say Japanese comedian’s joke and make laugh!
· When you arrive in front of the store say ”お礼をしたいので一緒に寿司を食べませんか?(orei wo shitainode issyoni sushi wo tabemasenka?)” means “Do you want to eat sushi together just a little because I want to express my appreciation?”
· If you go into the shushi restaurant together,rest time is up to you!


· Japanese women are classified into 4 types when divided roughly
·There is possibility for you to respond from 「Neat fashionable women worker」「Women who like a party with an active personality」
· Wearing a jacket for showing your cleanliness, speak to them as “すみません(sumimasen)” brightly
· Hear to the way of the sushi restaurant and try suggesting “if you can bring me to there?”
· Let’s make it laugh using youth words and popular jokes