Be careful if you are said “KY”.it’s unique word in Japanese people who care about others too much

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This time, I would like to introduce the Japanese slang “KY” nominated for the buzzword award of 2007.

The word “KY” is made by combining the initial letters “K” and “Y” which made Romaji “Kuuki” and “Yomenai”.

The meaning is similar so that the meaning is easy to understand. It is “can not read between the lines” when expressed in English.

“Can not read” is “Yomenai”, “between the lines” is “Kuuki”.

In order to understand the meaning of “KY”, you first need to understand Japanese slang “Kuuki ga Yomenai”.

“Kuuki ga Yomenai” means a person, behavior, state that can not observe the atmosphere or situation of the place.

Because Japanese respect the remarks of others, there is a tendency for Japanese people to dislike remarks that they do not respect.
“Kuuki ga Yomenai” is unique expression of Japan, which often requires reading between tha lines.

From a foreigner’s perspective, I think that it is a very uncomfortable language.

On the contrary, the word “Kuuki ga Yomeru(can read between the lines)” will mean to distinguish other people’s feelings, read the talk of the conversation on the spot, and make appropriate remarks.

Let’s see the history of “Kuuki ga Yomenai”.

Female high school students started using the word “Kuuki ga Yomenai” around 2007.
As with other Japanese slangs, school girls in Japan are becoming a source of popularity.

Also, at the same time, “Abbreviated words” was also popular.
“Abbreviations” is to use the initials of the words and to use words in a shortened form.

The two epidemics occurred at the same time, school girls highlighted the word “Kuuki ga Yomenai” as an abbreviation “KY”, and began to use it for face to face or e-mail exchanges.

After that “KY” began to be used even on TV programs, and it became a fashionable word at a stretch afterwards.

However, there are still people still using “KY”, but it is becoming a bit too outdated.
It is not “KY” now, it is often used as it is “Kuuki ga Yomenai” which is the word before being abbreviated.
Fashionable words and phrases often become old-fashioned old words.
It is said that it is becoming “Owakon” of Japanese slang which we reported in another article.

There is a tendency to use negative words “Kuuki ga Yomenai” more often than “Kuuki ga Yomeru”.
Japanese people think that they are too sensitive to “reading between the lines”, but in modern Japan, reading the air is a very important skill in communication. .

It is often said that Japanese overuse other people, but if you speak it well, it is probably a good place for Japanese people.

Well, this time I talked about “KY” and “I can not read the air”, but I think that it is Japanese slang which is not used much for overseas people.
But, since Japanese are frequently used words, if there is a person using this Japanese slang around, I think that it would be good if you think that it is better to match the people around you I will.




意味が分かりやすいように意味が似ている英語で表現すると「can’t read between the lines」です。

「can’t read」が「読めない」で、「between the lines」が「空気」という事になりますね。